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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Kierra Kiki Sheard -

Real Ringtones For Kierra Kiki Sheard - So Long

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Lyrics For Kierra Kiki Sheard - So Long

Verse I:

Falling in a dark hole that never ends
Because I lost a friend
Missing you is like a road that never seems
To get you to your destination

I’ve been looking but I can’t find you
Where did you go – What was my mistake
I’ve been trying retrace my steps
To get back to you for my life’s sake


It’s been so long since I heard from you
So long – what did I do
It’s been so long since I felt your touch
So long – you availeth much

Verse II:

If you drop a needle in a haystack
Is it really worth trying to find
Picking through each straw because I never thought
I would be so lost without you


Everyday I long for a chance to be with you again
For with failing I cry that I’m sorry for pushing you away
I would do anything to rekindle our being
I’m lost without your presence
It’s been so long – I’m wondering will I feel you again