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Friday, April 18, 2008

Brielle Davis - Serial Thriller Polyphonic Ringtones

Polyphonic Ringtones For Brielle Davis - Serial Thriller

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Lyrics For Brielle Davis - Serial Thriller

Clear agenda, close to centre
I'm justified... to keep you playing over on my mind
I feel you at my fingertips, can breathe you deep inside
But I want to find a way to where you fear and what you hide


I think I'd like to...
I want to try you...
Come on and take it off


Oh ah
All that I need, I'm begging please
Take me higher
Boom boom
Do you want to rendezvous

Oh ah
Oh my god, make me hot
Take it off
Boom boom
I know you want to rendezvous

Pray for angels, saint or sin... you decide
Guilty, innocent or fantasise
Draw a circle, close your eyes, let fear begin to fade
I'm gonna see you on the other side



Here and now
In this time
In your eyes
Fill me with desire
Baby I want you


(C.Young / C. Amphlett)
I'm just filling up my days
Counting all the ways
I've been caught up in your craze
In your ritual

You, you hound me in the night
I've given up the fight
Lust I can't deny
Now I'm drowning


Take me baby take me
I can't get enough of you
Shake me baby shake me
Shoot the lights out, you know what to do
Wake me baby wake me
You know I want you to
Shake me baby shake me
You're a fix, you're a drug
You're a serial thriller

You, you think you're pretty smart
Got your tricks down to an art
Always know where to start
You've been getting away with it for years
And years and years
I, I should just turn you in
'Cause I know where you've been
You're the trouble that I'm in
I keep shouting